Hello beautiful people! My name is Leslie. I am a former pro volleyball player and current yoga + pilates instructor, dog mom and adventurer. I love sunshine, puppies, road-tripping and finding movement in my body along the way.

yoga for everybody

Want to start yoga or pilates but don’t know where to begin?  No experience is required, I create a safe space for beginners to ease into the practice with fundamentals and proper alignment.  I teach from the ground up, focusing on foundation and form.  I will create customized classes for you based on your goals, activity level+fitness experience and lifestyle.

build flexibility + strength

Flexibility is not a pre-requisite for yoga, it is a benefit of yoga!  Using years of training + knowledge from professional volleyball in combination with yoga + Lagree pilates training, I can help you build long, lean, strong muscles and bring movement + fluidity back into your body at any age.  I use a fusion of yoga+Lagree pilates in tandem with mindfulness practices to decrease stress and build awareness.

mind + body connection

I always incorporate a level of mindfulness into my workouts.  Our breath controls our life.  With our never-ending-to-do lists and never-enough-time-in-the-day lifestyles, we can all benefit from a few minutes of breath-work.  We will focus on settling the mind and grounding the body in order to bring forward our best selves.

move with me.

I offer online and in-person personal pilates + yoga based training, to all skill levels, at any age.  I also work with athletes on recovery programs and bringing more fluidity into their bodies.  I am passionate about helping people increase balance, create space and build connection between the mind + body, through mindfulness and movement.

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Local to Denver and want to come to a group class?  Peep the schedule below and let’s sweat!

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