Week one… down!

I survived! Feeling a little down last night after a long week of practice.  But a little wear and tear is okay.  This morning we had a tough run, but we were rewarded with practice off, and only meetings this afternoon!  I’m feeling so rested from a (sort of) off day today, even though I almost fell asleep at the meetings 🙂  I have a short practice tomorrow to makeup what I missed Wednesday with my mandatory doctor’s appointment, and then we are headed to the beach!  So excited for a weekend off.  And I’m going to start my list of books I want to read while I am here tonight.  First up, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

I also just talked to one of my friends from Hermosa who is packing up, and flying to Europe with a one way ticket, and she is going to come down and visit in October! So it will be nice to see a familiar face before I go home.

Finishing off an episode of Dexter than off to bed!

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