Whoever coined the concept of “wanderlust,” must be pretty happy they did because it has seemed to catch on with yogis and explorers across the globe in recent months.  As overused as I think it may be, it is definitely REAL.  I traveled back to Marseille today and I am falling in love over and over again with my new country.  There is a certain vintage mystique to the old cities of Europe.  The rich history behind the old buildings and statues and the people of France who live behind the old beat up wooden blinds of city apartment buildings strikes awe in me every time I see something new.

I was excited when I found out I had to go back to Marseille, even if it was for a doctor’s appointment (MY AB IS CLEARED FOR OPENING WEEKEND PLAY ON SATURDAY!!!!) and to pick up my new teammate from the airport.  I’m happy to have another English speaking girl here who is experienced and will bring more competitiveness to practice.  We had such a long day we had lunch in the harbor and I saw a new part of the city I hadn’t seen before.  It’s only 9:35 here and I am exhausted, so this is going to be short but sweet.

Our match this weekend is going to be available live, at 1:30 EST for the USA crew (6:30 PM France).  I haven’t received the link yet but when I do I will pass it on.  I’m hoping to pick my blog back up again when I start playing more and we begin travel.  But I can’t explain how excited I am to be able to wear number 11 again and Cikra on my back, and get back on the court competing again with my team.  Being out always reminds me to be grateful for the opportunities when I do have them.

Bisous! (kisses)






2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. martha towns says:

    So happy for you to be able to play,.We will surely watch if we can. The pictures are lovely. My mouth is watering over the seafood. Yes, Europe is wonderful. It helps to remember it has been around much longer than we have and France has an amazing history. You’ll learn about it, I hope.
    Big Hugs

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