Turkey, volley and pomegranates

Thanksgiving came and went with great success.  I somehow managed to scrounge together a full Thanksgiving dinner for myself and three other teammates without burning anything or catching the kitchen on fire.  I didn’t attempt a full turkey, partially out of fear and lack of time, but mostly because turkey is very hard to find here in France.  My teammates all came over for a lovely dinner, and although I definitely missed being at home I am so grateful to have a few amazing new friends to share a special holiday with.

image_2 image_3

Being together reminded us all how thankful we truly are for all we have, and a late night Skype call from my whole family post dinner finished off the night as perfect as it could be for being away from home.

We had another rough weekend with a loss against neighboring Venelles, with our veteran setter still out with a sprained ankle.  We only have one more match to finish out this part of the season, and then a four day training camp and I get to come home!!

Hainaut Volley-Istres (132)

(Subbing in, in our last match vs. Le Hainaut)

It’s finally December.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  It’s my birthday month! But more importantly 2 weeks til I am home celebrating the best time of year with my family and friends in hopefully snowy Ohio.  Until then I’m going to continue to enjoy cooking up a storm, I’m having a serious pomegranate obsession right now!


(Here with greek sheep yogurt, frozen raspberries and cacao nibs)


Anyways, until next time..Bisous!

One thought on “Turkey, volley and pomegranates

  1. martha towns says:

    Wow! Your Thanksgiving table looks just beautiful. I am so proud of the cook you are becoming. You will have to teach me what to do with pomegranates. I think they are beautiful but I have never made anything. The pilgrim chipmunks are adorable. Where did they come from?

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