To market, to market

I thought that waiting for my new iOS 7 software to update on my iPhone would be a good time to write a quick post about this week’s festivities so far.  Lots of fun things have been going on (outside of volleyball – because I am still limited to just workouts and no ball).  First, I found out on Monday that there was a miscommunication between the doctor and our medical staff and I am not going to be allowed to compete for a minimum of 2 more weeks after the completion of this week.  That makes my recovery time (hopefully) 4, but possibly as long as 6 weeks depending on how things progress.  I have been able to push myself in workouts as long as I experience no pain, and next week I am allowed to start working with the ball again.

Because I get so bored in practice I have taken to doing a little more adventuring than normal outside of practice (I always have a little more energy than normal too!)  We have been practicing at the basketball facility about 10 minutes away this week because of something going on in our gym, so practices have been later.

Tuesday mornings there is a big farmers market in the center of town, so I ventured down there with my headphones in and big scarf wrapped around my neck yesterday.  It was super chilly outside.  I’m trying to embrace the euro scarf thing, and I love it!  It doesn’t get very cold here, but the South of France is known for being very windy, and even though it is still warm during the day it is SO windy!

(Silly morning market selfie :))


The farmers market was so fun.  There wastons of people with their own shopping bags, and stands set up down the main drag of town, and up a paralleling road.  There was pretty much every type of vendor you could think of.  The rotisserie chicken stand with the chicken dripping onto baby potatoes, produce of every kind, (except squash, which they don’t seem to have much of here), fish on ice, and sausage and many other things.  I was mezmorized and could have been there for hours.  I felt like I fit right in with all the French people of the town.  My first stop was at the dried fruit stand, where the man immediately began talking a mile a minute in French, and I still had my headphones in!  I told him I didn’t understand because he was speaking so fast, and he knew English, he also said everyone in the South has a different accent which I found interesting.  He explained to me the pricing and how many of the fruits were sugar free.  He was surprised I went straight for the goji berries, which many people don’t know about in France.  I also picked up some gorgeous pomegranates for about half the price of the local grocery store, and some avocados which were very cheap also.  Although the vendor joked in French that I owed him two million euros, I smiled and laughed along with him.  Next week I am going to try to go down earlier and maybe get a chicken and some fish also.  It’s worth getting up a little early to be able to get stuck in the thick of the local culture for an hour or two.



(Garlic anyone?)

Today we took a trip to St. Raphael for a match.  I’m not quite sure what direction it is from Istres.  It was about a two hour drive.  Anyways, I was again just taken aback by the beautiful scenery.  The town was made of tons of white stucco houses nestled along little mountains and bodies of water.  We played four sets and the team split sets with St. Raphael.  The younger players have been able to get some playing time in our friendly matches, while we allow some of the vets to get a little extra rest.  It is good for them, but definitely can be frustrating from the bench when you want to help.

On the way home we passed over the bridge overlooking Martigue which is a 15 minutes from my house, and is just drop dead gorgeous.  Martigue is known for it’s seafood and is definitely on my list of day trips to make while I am living here.


Side note, since I have had wifi set up and had a little extra time, I have managed to finish my second book The Boys of The Dark and all 8 seasons of Dexter, just in time for the finale next week!  I’ve downloaded a ton of new music, including the new Jack Johnson album, which I am stoked about.

I also discovered French PayPal, which looks like it is going to be a huge money saver for me!  I also am officially coming home for Christmas.  I will be home on Sunday night, December 15 for 11 days.  I can’t wait to see my family and spend the holidays in (hopefully) snowy Ohio, since it never snows here 🙂

Lucy will be coming back to Europe with me on December 26 and we are going to explore Barcelona and Paris.  I just found out two of my friends from high school will be in Europe the same time as us, so hopefully we will be able to meet up with them.

Regardless of not being able to practice, the team is getting closer and that makes me happy.  Everyone is finally warming up to each other.  And it sucks not being able to play, but I can only hope during this time I heal fully and completely and will be ready for the second or third weekend of league play.  Regardless, I am still uber grateful to be here, and be healing and have so many other good things going on 🙂


One thought on “To market, to market

  1. martha towns says:

    It all sounds like so much fun; love the pix. Take notes so you’ll know what you want us to see or what we should see. I am talking to an agent at AAA tomorrow to get the ball rolling on plans.
    Sorry You are having to sit out for a while. I know it can be frustrating but you seem to making the most of it.
    Where does your book list come from? I am not familiar with any of the titles you’ve read so far. I am deep into “The End of the Life Book Club” which is really wonderful.
    We saw a play at the PlayHouse tonight called “WoodySez” all about Woody Guthrie and his music;: four actors and 34 instruments. It was great. Think “This Land is Your Land”.
    Hugs, Gramz

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