THE Road Trip

When we originally planned we were looking at about 2400 miles and three or four days of driving.

The first day was pretty uninspiring. We made it to Lincoln, Nebraska after about 850 miles through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. Lots of fields and windmills, and that was about it! We had our sights set on Lincoln, because one of my former teammates at the University of Tennessee transferred to Nebraska for volleyball (Go Huskers!).   IMG_9419 IMG_9432IMG_9441IMG_9459 IMG_9430

The weather was great until early evening when we hit some killer rain. But it stopped and cleared just in time to see an outrageous sunset over the flat countryside of Nebraska. IMG_9461I wish a photo could have done it justice. We stopped and had dinner with Mary, just in time to see the Kings beat the Blackhawks in Game 7 overtime! It was so awesome to see her after about a year had passed since we were in Knoxville together and awesome to know that I was going to be in LA for the final series of the Stanley Cup.

IMG_9463 IMG_9468

For all you hockey fans please please check out this hilarious link from the Late Night Show

Day two we woke up feeling good, ready to conquer another long day. Originally looking at the map we were going to try for Arizona, but that was overly ambitious and we only made it to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not too shabby considering we drove another 900+ miles on day two. We drove from Lincoln straight to Denver, Colorado and dropped down to stop at an AWESOME Mexican place in Santa Fe called Casa Chimayo. My mom hunted the place down on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  We had some Mexican beers and split chicken enchiladas and were on our way for another hour or so to Abluquerque.IMG_9505 IMG_9504 IMG_9511 IMG_9507 IMG_9516

We were definitely a little worn out and crabby after the second day, so it was good to get a good meal and get in bed early.   Since we crammed the drive into 3 days we had about 800 miles still to go to get to the West Coast.

We stopped for huevos rancheros at Earl’s in New Mexico before heading out. It was an awesome family joint on a Native American reservation.IMG_9529 IMG_9527Day three was pretty much all desert driving through New Mexico, and Arizona until we finally hit the California border. We had a late breakfast and we decided that we could wait until we found an In-N-Out for our next meal, since Mom had never had it!


We thought we could make it through the desert to the nearest California In-N-Out, buuut we passed an exit without it not realizing there was not another exit for 55 miles…And we almost ran out of gas!  Luckily, there was a desert oasis in the middle of nowhere that saved us.  Because that would not have been fun!

IMG_9558 IMG_9561 IMG_9562 IMG_9549

We finally made it to the border, and cruised into LA without too much traffic.  And finallyyyyyy finally finally to Hermosa.  It is so unbelievably awesome to be back.IMG_9547

One thought on “THE Road Trip

  1. martha towns says:

    Sounds like one fabulous trip. Your pictures are almost as good as taking the trip itself without all those miles. I’m not sure I could handle 800 miles a day. You and your mom are troopers!
    Lots of love, Gramz

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