“The Grands do Provence”

Well, we did what we needed to do the past few weeks, and made our way into playoffs last night!  A big, big sweep over our rival team last night was an awesome way to finish off our regular season with a bang.  Crazy to think we are only a few days from April, and I have been here since August, and playoffs are on the horizon!

This past week was a little crazy but so much fun.  My grandparents came into town for 10 days on their Euro tour, in between visiting London, Paris and Barcelona.  I’m so grateful to be able to spend the time with them that I did, and was able to see more sights than I have in Provence since I got here in August.  In between practices and a little downtime we were able to see Marseille, Avignon, Gordes, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Arles, Aix en Provence and lots of other things in between.

Here are our three big days documented!

Day 1: Martigues and Marseille


(Martigues – “French Venice” – only about 15 minutes from where I live)

photo 1

(Lunch  in Marseille on the harbor)

photo 2

(Tagliatelle St Jacques aka Scallops and white sauce — nommm)

photo 3

(Gelato selfie in Marseille.. How cute are our baby cones!?)


(View from the top of the Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille – and the end of Day 1)

Day 2: Lots of stops all over Provence, lots of mountains and lavender fieldsIMG_1046

(Abbaye de Senanque, a silent monaster known for its rows and rows of lavender fields which were unfortunately not in bloom yet, but I can only imagine)IMG_1065

(Gordes – the amazingly picturesque mountainside village where we had lunch and some killer views)


(Views from the top – to die for French countryside)IMG_1085

(Our last stop that day in Avignon pictured here the Palais de Papes – former home to the Pope before moving to the Vatican)


Day 3: Arles

IMG_1094 IMG_1105 IMG_1111 photo 2

(Lots of shots from the Arenas d’Arles – our big stop on this visit)photo 3

(What we really came for was the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation, which to our dismay opens a week from today)

photo 4

(A lovely dinner in the Istres harbor)

I am so so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share France with the people I love.  It reminded me how special of an experience this has all been.  It’s pretty unbelievable to think I have been here almost 8 months already, and home is just a short month and a half away.  It’s official that we finished 8th place in our league and made it to playoffs.  We will once again see the Goliath of the league, Cannes.  And we play best of 3 matches to see who moves on to the next round.  One home, one away, and if we split I think the final game is hosted by the higher seed.  We’re looking forward to a light week this week, and then getting back in the gym next week!  And I’m going to London this weekend! I’m stoked to be able to get to go on a little solo sabbatical and do some traveling before playoffs start.  There will be lots to blog about in the coming weeks so stay on the lookout for new posts!


Ps. Credit to Grandma on the post title 🙂

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