The Best Days

The best days are feeling so inspired you don’t want the day to be over, but you also cant wait to get back to your computer to upload all the pictures you took and try to put into words how awesome of a day you had. Instead of writing my London post as I planned to today and going to see the new Van Gogh museum in Arles, we had an awesome change of plans.  I took a little adventure with my teammates back to Marseille to explore the island of Frioul, off the coast of the city.  And fell in love with France, once again…IMG_1235 IMG_1238


Ridiculously clear blue water!IMG_1245 IMG_1248 IMG_1260

Tried out my macro setting on these killer flowers!IMG_1262 IMG_1263

IMG_8433 - Version 2IMG_8410 IMG_84201239393_10154010896925023_5852081368065309277_n

IMG_8419Roomie love on the rocks with Alyssa

10246697_10154010841140023_1517499550682598022_n 10258746_10154010864460023_8904711664244988894_n

Two awesome shots my teammate Mari took. Candid is the best. Love the one of me shooting. Sooo full of happiness.



Top of the ferris wheel in Marseille 🙂

Bursting with love and gratefulness for this opportunity to come to this beautiful part of the world and meet the awesome people I have been blessed to be surrounded by.

Things are coming to an almost-but-not-quite close here and it’s awesome to be able to spend an off day exploring the areas we still haven’t seen below perfect blue Provencal skies.

First round of playoffs versus Cannes tomorrow! Wish me luck 🙂

One thought on “The Best Days

  1. martha towns says:

    Lots of lovely pictures. Almost as good as being there with you. Please get to Arles and to Baux for the light show. You’ll never regret it. Sending loads of good luck your way.
    Lots of love, Gramz

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