And today is the day exhaustion sets in.  After traveling to Montpellier (2 hours north I think) yesterday for a doctor’s appointment, and a long lift and practice today.  I am beyond tired.  But on the plus side, it was a beautiful day today, I finally have a roommate and tomorrow is Friday!  So after a morning run, I only have one more full practice left.  My body finally ran out of steam this afternoon, and my brain quickly followed.  The first time I have gotten super frustrated during practice since I have been here.  Nothing that I am learning is really knew, but I’m definitely shaking off some cobwebs.  Mais, c’est la vie!  You have to take baby steps back to move forwards.

The language barriers make some drills, that should be simple a little bit harder.  But that is all part of it, I suppose.  I’m looking forward to a light practice Saturday and some much needed R&R Saturday night and Sunday.  I was going to try to take a train up north this weekend, but that will have to wait.

So glad to finally another American to talk to!  It is SO nice.  Even though I like trying to speak mostly French, it’s comforting to have someone else here from the States.

We got our jerseys today for the scrimmage, and I somehow ended up with #11! They are last year’s jerseys we are using until our new ones come in, but I was ecstatic when they handed me my number.  So fingers crossed it is the same for the new ones as well.

Dinner, Orange is the New Black, then off to bed for me.  The early bird gets the worm. Pictures to come soon of the jerseys (when I’m not feeling so lazy I don’t want to get up and get my phone haha).

A demain!

2 thoughts on “Survival

  1. martha towns says:

    Something weird happened and you may get a blank message.
    I’m sitting on the Krembs’s front porch next to Andrew and he said would I please say hi to you. Said he didn’t want you to forget him when you were famous and I said he had a permanent place in all our hearts.
    You have done a lot in your first week so I am not surprised you’ve run out of steam. You’ll be back in peak condition soon; so cool that you got your old number.?
    Did I mention we are up in Chautauqua, just for the very end of the season. It is perfect as always and the day is gorgeous. When I am here I think about all the wonderful times we had up here as a family and am glad we did because it becomes more and more expensive every year and I’m happy we were able to come when we did.
    Happy weekend and many hugs and kisses; Gramz

  2. Betsy Towns says:

    And all of this was bound to catch up with you. So Penn St arrived earlier than you had anticipated. That is good. Be sure you are eating properly…says the momma!!

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