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I stumbled across this article on Facebook via a former coach, and thought it warranted a blog post.  It just took me a few weeks and a perfect time to finish it.  I loved this article, from both a player’s aspect and a coaching aspect.  The idea of breeding competitiveness and a desire to succeed is so important.  It makes me miss coaching at K2 in Knoxville, where we tried to instill the importance of competition club-wide.  Continuing athletics past the college level isn’t exactly the norm.  But whether I continue to do what I do, or find a more “conventional” job sooner than later in the end I am grateful in the way that I was raised and coached that bred that competitive fire in me.  The coaches that pushed me the hardest, and expected the most because of their confidence in me as a player added to that competitive fire, drive to get better and love of winning.


In other news, a quick update!  Last weekend, we lost a tough one to a top team in our league, Beziers.  We came out firing 8-0 in the first set and it was awesome to see a passion and fire in the team, that I haven’t seen collectively thus far.  But the team we played is a good team, and they punched us back after being punched and took the next three sets from us.  We got back in the gym and are gearing up to play another CEV team and former Florida gator tonight, in Mulhouse, France (near Switzerland).

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(Photos from our French Cup upset against Le Cannet where we beat them in five sets!)

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At the end of the day, sometimes you are a loser, but sometimes you’re a winner too, and victory is so much sweeter!  Til next week 🙂


(Big opening home win vs. Paris!)