Saranghaeyo Korea!

Anyo my lovely people (that’s Korean slang for Anyeonhaseyo/hello)!  Hard to believe how fast the time is continuing to pass.  We’re already over a week into December, after making it through an exhausting three-games-in-10-days-on-the-road road trip to finish off the second round of matches, and the end of November.  Last time I caught up with you we were 6 games in, and now we’ve finished off our next seven matches and instead of still holding on to that 500 record, and running in the middle of the pack, we bumped up to third place and 7-6 with a big win last night.


We started off games 7 and 8 awesome, with two huge sweeps against KGC and IBK (KGC MVP highlights HERE), and then went 1-2 on the road, barely scraping by with a five set win against KGC, and two tough losses to Pink Spiders.  Playing on the road is never an excuse but it was really a battle those ten days to stay focused and rested.  We drove up north to Incheon for our first match, turned around and drove back down south to Daejeon for our second match, and then back up to Incheon again for our third match followed by a 3 hour drive home.


We had a few days to recover before our next home game Sunday night, and I definitely had some kinks to work out in practice.  We swept GS Sunday night in an exciting five-setter, and I can’t explain how awesome it was to be back in our home gym.  I am so grateful for all of our fans who come to support us no matter what, and it doesn’t hurt to have my own CIKRA cheer 🙂

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I was in the middle of writing this post before we played Hyundai:

We have (had) one more game against Hyundai who we have (had) yet to beat, and then 9 days off until our next match on December 19…


Last night, we went into the match knowing that Hyundai was the #1 ranked team and we were 0-2 against them so far this year (one of those matches I was recovering from a mysterious stomach bug) and that they are a very good team.  We ended up losing the first set and going back and forth with them the rest of the match, forcing a 5th set.  We managed to pull ahead 13-11 after starting down 4-6…and thank god for the KOVO’s video replay rule.  I hit a ball down the line that the line judges called out, and my coach called for a video replay.  After what seemed like hours went by of the refs trying to decide if the ball was in or out and a lot of praying to the volleyball gods, they gave us the call!  We were up 14-11.  Hyundai sided out for 14-12 and we ended up scoring in serve receive to win 15-12.

What an awesome win to get for our team and the company was so stoked to see us get that big win.  I was so humbled to finish with another MVP award, for 38 points in the match (35 kills, 3 blocks).


The company took us out to dinner and the coaches announced that we would have not 1, not 2, but THREE full nights and days off…which is the most time we’ve had off since I landed in Korea.  While everyone is going to hang with their friends and fams…I’m enjoying the victory by catching up on my blog with a Dunkin Donuts green tea latte and get some much needed R&R.  It’s super foggy and gloomy here today so it was a perfect day for not getting out of bed and yoga on the heated floors.  I may do some exploring tomorrow, but after two five-set matches in three days my leggies and shoulder are looking forward to the rest.

HERE is a link to highlights from game five, and HERE is the MVP reel.  Also, a quick blip from World of Volley on last night’s game HERE.


Although there’s not much else to report outside of green tea lattes, sleeping and volleyball, there’s lots of exciting stuff coming up.  My birthday is coming up in a few days and the day after our next match Josh is coming to Korea!  Eeeeeeeek.  I am beyond excited to have him here and show him around Korea on our hopefully plentiful off days (wink wink Coach).  It’s hard to believe we’re approaching five months already, but we really crush this whole long distance thing, and for that I am so grateful.

We have three matches while he is here as well as the All-Star game on Christmas Day.  The first 7 invitees to each team for the All-Star game were chosen by fans, and then the coaches chose another five players.  I am so honored to be one of two Americans chosen by the fans to play!  Kamsamnida & saranghaeyo <3 (Thank you & I love you to the Korean fans!)


For your Korean cultural lessons, HERE is the latest hottest Kpop song, by Gangnam Style sensation Psy…And HERE is an awesome Thrillist article on etiquette for Korean BBQ…Ps. Sesame oil+salt=the actual best thing ever.


In true December fashion, we’ve had two snows so far.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas and hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the holidays at home.  Safe travels to visit family and I’ll see you all next year ! Saranghaeyo XO

Ps. Thanks to KOVO for the photos as well as @dori1727 and @seohk63 on insta 🙂


3 thoughts on “Saranghaeyo Korea!

  1. Mike K says:

    Hi! So glad your team won! Many were puzzled by the horrible challenge-decision during set #5 which went against hipass. That could have cost hipass the match. With this win, I feel the hipass team can only go up and up!

  2. martha towns says:

    Wow what a great bunch of pictures. You truly are photogenic and I am jealous. Big smile! I’ll go back in later and look at all the videos.
    Glad you are doing well and are so happy.
    Hugs and more hugs.

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