private training.


I am available for personalized private yoga and pilates based training, athlete recovery+yoga for athletes, small groups, events or teaching to larger communities. 

Please use the form below to contact me directly with any questions related to training or collabs!


why i teach.

I teach because I love watching my students grow.  Movement is a major conduit for personal growth and internal awareness for me.  Every day, I am surrounded by people who use movement as a tool on the journey to better themselves in mind and body.  I love to push my students outside their physical comfort zone to step into their personal power.  I love waking up every day to coach and I continue to be so inspired by the work ethic and motivation of the fitness community in Denver.  It is an honor be alongside to help you tap into your strength and crush your goals!

In-Person Training

Greater Denver, Colorado

Online Training


1 personalized class per week based on goals, time+equipment.

Includes workout//video instruction//questions+support availability


Group Sessions

I am available for:

Deep Stretch + Meditation

Yin Yoga

Athlete Recovery Yoga

Yoga Foundations

Vinyasa Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga

Chair Yoga

Accessible Yoga for all

Office Yoga

Apartment Community Yoga

Group Classes/Events

Any and all forms of collaboration!


Please contact me for rates, based on group size and frequency.