Play, play, play

Seven matches in seven days. A lot of playing, but also soo much fun. And I have only now just finished day 4. Since I’ve been in Belgium we have played a team from Poland and a local Belgian team. We’ve played 3 sets of 25 no matter what, and won both, so I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start to the season.
We’re staying in a large bed and breakfast type hostel/hotel right near the gym. It’s smack in the middle of fields and cow pastures. A lot of gyms are in really small towns like Frasnes (where I am now) and Belgium, but they still get pretty big home crowds (whammy sticks and chanting and all!). We haven’t had huge crowds at our matches, because they aren’t highlight matches, but we should by the weekend. Today when I went back to serve a Kid Cudi song clip came on, so that was kind of cool (he is from Cleveland).
Last night we had opening ceremonies where all of the teams and members were introduced and their respective team national anthems were played. It was a very cool experience, but a little weird because the French National Anthem was obviously played. It’s going to take a little getting used to not hearing the normal Star Spangled Banner, but that’s all part of the experience.
Things have been relatively good on my end playing wise. It’s so different being a 6 rotation player, and has been challenging in the back row getting into a groove with serving, back row attacking and playing defense. Simple things that are important to becoming a more well rounded volleyball player. My teammates have been patient with me which I appreciate, but I love being able to be on the court all the time.
Tomorrow we play the defending champions of the top Dutch league, and then we move on to most likely the tough Chinese team, or the team from Paris that is in our league. They reseed after tomorrow for the weekend matches which will be best out of 5.
I’m really looking forward to playing great competition and seeing how the team steps up for big matches.



This is a photo of the gym we are playing in this week and all of the different countries represented.

One thought on “Play, play, play

  1. martha towns says:

    Love the picture of you, you look so happy. I made one for me and one for your mother. The gym looks attractive. Am amazed at all the countries you are playing. Did Gramps mention the article on Marseille he found in Travel and Leisure? Makes me think we could stay in Marseille and train to Istres. Do you remember how much a ticket is?

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