Off to the Races!

The our opening weekend of the Open Generali has come and gone, with much success.  We had a big win last night over Le Cannet, the team who knocked Istres out of the playoffs last season.  I have been told they usually finish top 4 in the league so a win in 5 sets was a great way to start the season.  I think we could have definitely beat them in 3 or 4, but we lost a lead in the first set, and then came back from being down in the fourth set, but couldn’t finish.  Le Cannet has an outside hitter who is one of the best hitters ever to play at the University of Southern Cal on it.  She was a player I grew up watching in club so it was really fun to play across the net from her.  I also got to catch up with a former Florida Gator who I used to play against in the SEC.

I was stoked to find out I was starting last night, because after being out for almost three weeks, I had no expectations to be playing this weekend.  I saw several different groups of statistics from the match.  I had 5 blocks and had 13 kills on 26 attempts.  In France, and I think most of Europe, they don’t stat digs, and when they give a “hitting percentage” it is a kill percentage, which means they don’t account for errors.  My kill percentage was 500 last night.  I had a few more errors than I would have liked but hopefully I’ll be able to clean up some of those being back in the gym and 100% this week.  It was fun going up against a team with a big block and powerful hitters.  Blocking went really well.  As a team we all blocked well, forcing the other team to sub many of their main hitters.  Le Cannet is a team full of powerful, high hitters and there’s nothing like getting a solo block, or 3 on a big hitter.

After the match, we stretched, and got lots of bravos and felicitations from the volunteers and people of the club who helped to put on such an awesome weekend for us.  We then went across the parking lot from the gym to another venue, where there was finger food, drinks and live music to celebrate the end to a great weekend.  I was pretty delirious with exhaustion from the 5-setter.  My legs are definitely not used to playing six rotations and I felt the effects of not being able to practice and jump for 3 weeks.  But regardless, I’m glad we pulled out a win.

Another fun surprise this weekend was that I got to meet my agent!  He is a family friend of my coach and since he represents a good chunk of Americans playing in France he made an appearance in Istres for the grand opening.  He’s  a really nice guy and it was great to get to put a face to a name and email address.  He is playing in Switzerland this season, so he took the train down.

Today is an off day (thank goodness, I need it!) and I woke up at about 10 am to a raging thunderstorm and lightning right outside my window.  Living in California all summer, and the south of France for the past 6 weeks I have seen about 7 days total of rain since May.  Even though I was woken up by a strike of lightning that felt about 5 feet from my bed, I’m so happy for the storms today, because I can cuddle in bed all day and recover.  The rest of the day will consist Sons of Anarchy (the new series I’m watching), meal planning for this week, some cleaning and hopefully a nap and more rain.

Next week we have Paris on the schedule! So I am super excited to go up north again and maybe get to see a little bit of the city!  It is fashion week there now, so I’m hoping we get to see a little bit of the remnants of that next weekend 🙂


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