No Turning Back

Oops! This post was supposed to go up BEFORE I boarded my flight to Munich (or with wifi on the plane that I did not have). But seeing as I have arrived in Germany safe and sound, that obviously did not happen. My 8 hour Philadelphia layover must have gotten the best out of me…But here it is anyway:

“It’s sort of wild to think that three weeks have gone by since I was enjoying my last night of California summer at the perfect farewell dinner with one of the amazing people who became very special to me during my time out west. And then just this morning, I had my third round of tear-jerking goodbyes. To have to come back to reality from a perfect summer and leave my new friends and home in California fly back down south to say a quick hello and goodbye to the people I have learned to love and who watched me grow immensely over the past four years in Knoxville, and then say last goodbyes to the most important part of me, my family in Cleveland, has been emotionally wearing to say the least. But goodbyes (or let’s say ‘see-you-laters’) come with change, and I have been experiencing a lot of that lately.

The stresses of packing, and figuring things out like iPhones and blogs and Euros have all had to piece together in the past few days as I made my way to the airport this morning.

The thrill of stepping onto a plane, stepping off and being across the pond and the world is mind blowing (although side note: as I am writing this five hours into my flight, I am reminded it is not that simple. And even with an empty seat on my left and right you would think they could make these rides a little more enjoyable. I was ready to get off this bad boy about three hours ago ). I am so excited to get to my next layover in Munich to explore and take in my first taste of Europe in over ten years. I can’t wait to be in a new place. Especially considering the only German I know is how to count to ten and say beer. But I am definitely going to need a strong espresso when I get off this plane.

Nervous…? Yes, and more so of the unknown than anything. I am going into this experience with a lot of unanswered questions. I’m playing things by ear, and in some aspects I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s what makes things fun. Scared? Not really, I sort of feel like I was born to do this after my mom let me explore Europe when I was 12. There is just so much to see. And I want to see it all. Living one day at a time, and taking it all in.

Doing what I’m supposed to be doing…Flying.


One thought on “No Turning Back

  1. martha towns says:

    How wonderful it’s going to be to keep up with you this way. Your first post is terrific. At least you could stretch out on the plane, yes? Flying is not fun anymore. Too bad. However, there you are in France. Ooo la la! Tres bon.
    I am going to start studying now that you are really there. Have tapes and a phrase book.
    Biggest hug ever, Gramz

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