Next Stop: Venezia!

“Taking a gondola is like taking a time machine. You see the same you would two or three hundred years ago. No stores, no bars…”  – Wise words from our third-generation gondolier who steered us through the canals of Venice on our 24 hours we had in the city. IMG_8849 IMG_1390Venice was absolutely enchanting.  It’s hard to imagine that the buildings of the city are still standing today.  We flew in from Amsterdam, and took a bus and boat taxi combo to get us to our hotel close to 11 pm.  Of course, I was starving for Italian and there happened to be a perfect restaurant across the street from our hotel. IMG_1426 IMG_1425I got an awesome prosciutto and parm tortellini which I took back to the room, and had an awesome conversation with a Chinese native, who has spent the last 8 years living in Italy and raising his two children who will be bi-lingual in Chinese and Italian.  Very cool.  It’s amazing how in this area of the world so many people speak so many languages.  It makes me think what is it we are doing wrong that many people only speak English, but the matter of fact is we don’t really need any other language in the States. IMG_1402IMG_1414 IMG_1428Anywho, we spent the day wandering the streets of Venice seeing the Rialto Bridge, San Marco Square and the Grand Canal. But we got more of a feel of the city just by weaving in and out of the tiny streets and over the tiny bridges, eating and drinking too much wine 😉 IMG_8856 IMG_8863It was just a quick trip because the next day we were headed to Florence! Stay tuned for that next!

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