Next Stop: Roma

Ah Rome.   We had a warm welcome from an awesome cab driver who took us to our hotel, and was so, so nice. Pink Floyd was playing and he said he saw them perform in Venice in San Marco Square and was telling me about how he sings on the side and Roger Waters is his favorite to sing.  Pretty crazy awesome how universal music can be all over the world. Soo, unfortunately we visited on a holiday weekend and found out the hard way that pretty much every monument was closed our first day there.IMG_8905After having the best capp of my life at breakfast we walked towards the bus station to hunt for tours.  We got 2 day passes for the double decker tour buses which ended up being an awesome buy because it took us all over the city. We started at the Colosseum and Roman Forum on Thursday, but we couldn’t go into anything so naturally we had to go back the next day. Thursday was absolutely gorgeous and everyone got a little sunburned. IMG_1542After we had lunch on a side street near the Colosseum we hopped on the bus and saw the Vatican.IMG_1627We just did a drive by because there was an absurd amount of people waiting to go in. And we headed for Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon, which were pretty much all within walking distance of each other. IMG_1594 IMG_1574 IMG_1582 IMG_8927Everywhere was completely mobbed with people, but we trekked around most of the afternoon and into the evening. Miles of walking but it was fun to see all the big sights. Friday the plan was to do the Colosseum and Roman Forum and then head to the Vatican to pop in the Sistine Chapel. Our plans were slightly put off due to a massive down pour that hit us as we were waiting for our bus to head to the Vatican. We made it into the Colosseum and Forum and got this awesome tour. IMG_1609 IMG_8941 IMG_1550We were so glad we did the tour because it made the giant monument so much more than a bunch of rocks when you got to hear about the history behind it. IMG_8944 IMG_1618We walked around the Forum, and got lost trying to find our way out. We were on a little bit of a time crunch so instead of waiting in line in the rain for the Vatican we just decided to enjoy another killer meal in the afternoon before we left for our last stop in Milan.

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