Long Time, No Post

Long time, no post my lovely people! And I am uber sorry about that.  Life has been overly hectic and I have had every intention of posting about lots of fun goings on, as they were going on.  I still owe you Milano, as I promised and I have a few other things in the works.  Please be patient, and don’t forget about me as I pretend like I am going to get on my giddy up and write about all these things on my mind.

A quick update while I am here.  I am officially settled back in my happiest place in sunny California and the perfect little South Bay.  There may be a few boxes still in my car and a few rooms that need to be painted.  But, Mom and I did manage to treck about 2600 miles and 9 states in 3 days to get here.  My car was a trooper, and my Mom was a trooper.  I’m so grateful the time I spent with her and for all the little luxuries I have been missing like a dryer and a dishwasher.  The west coast advantages like unlimited amazing produce and coconut water on every corner and friends and sun and beach.  Not to mention the ocean 2 and a half blocks away.  Happy to be back, and so much more to talk about.

More to come soon!

Peace 🙂


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