La Ville Lumière

Included are the rest of the photos I promised from Paris.  I was so happy to finally get to shoot with my new camera.  I am getting better at using it and hope eventually I can use it completely manually (but the instruction manual is very extensive).  I had to do some editing with the photos because shooting in the dark is always harder.  I took most of these photos with flash.  The actual picture was better without the flash, but the camera is prone to “shake” which caused the non-flash photos to be a little fuzzy.

One other thing I forgot to mention was that we began our French lessons this week.  The teacher speaks English and French, but almost only French during the lesson.  It is very helpful to me because it is a refresher, but for the girls with no experience with French, they were lost.  I was helping to translate into English because the concepts are hard to understand when they are explained in a different language.  Contrary to the US we did not start with simple things such as letters of the alphabet and easy nouns.  We began conjugating verbs and explaining pronouns.  It’s all pretty much been review for me but I did learn one thing.  In French language conjugation you add a “ne — pas” around the verb to negate it.  Our teacher told us that many French now drop the “ne” to speak more informally to friends.  I am excited to pick up little details like this, just like forms of slang we have in the English language.

My French is coming along pretty good I think.  One of the girls on the team complimented me on how well I speak with accents.  And while we were poking around in Paris a vendor asked me where I was from in France and if I was actually French! What a compliment J  He knew my accent was definitely different but it’s awesome that it is coming along so well that I can communicate without the French thinking I’m a complete tourist!  I hope that the lessons continue to go how they are and  I get even better at the language.



2 thoughts on “La Ville Lumière

  1. martha towns says:

    Forgot to reply to yesterday’s. Ooo la la yourself. How very exciting and your pictures are terrific. If the camera shakes, does that mean you are shaking? Do you brace yourself. When you come home I’ll make you a classic tart tatin from a recipe that I had to beg for. It is perfect. So glad you are cooking. It is something that will stand you in good stead all your life.
    We had a great time in North Carolin. It was so beautiful.
    A bientot,

    1. lcikra11 says:

      It’s not that I’m shaking it’s just that basically the camera would have to be on a tripod to take a perfectly still picture on the setting I shot with last night 🙂

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