La Lune

Well, another week has come and gone, and since I posted midweek there is not much to recount, except for a gorgeous moon and another unsatisfying game.  I’m enjoying being lazy today, did a little baking, and have had the house to myself as my roommate and her girlfriend day-tripped to Montpellier.  I had planned to go, but last night was a later night than expected and I thought it would be nice to let them explore by themselves.  Last night we lost in 4 to Mulhouse.  We definitely played better than last weekend, but still not like we know we can.  In the first and second sets we were pretty even until we let Mulhouse get on one big run each set that separated us.  We killed them the third set but weren’t able to continue and dropped the match in four.  Disappointing but all we can do is move on and learn and prepare for next weekend vs. Cannes, the big dog and continuing champion of this league.  I still was not content with my performance so I am just going to keep chipping away and prove myself in the coming days of practice.  It will be interesting to see how everyone bounces back from the loss.


On another note check out this gorgeous moon, I hope everyone in the states has gotten to enjoy the past few nights.  More painting inspiration.  Can’t wait to get back in the gym this week and try out some new recipes.  I finally got caught up on Revenge and am working on finishing The Alchemist, a book I have been stuck on for a few weeks.  Ps. 7 weeks from today I’m back! 🙂 Bisous!


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