oday was a super fun, but long and exhausting day.  Typical practice.  Lots of frustration in getting my serve consistent again.  But that’s okay, it will come.  I found out today we play next week finally! So that brought a little life back into the normal practices.  We leave for Belgium a week from Wednesday and I am excited to get out of town!  It’s gorgeous here but I am stoked to be able to see other things and finally get a chance to put a jersey on and compete.  It puts a light at the end of the tunnel of preseason. 🙂

I had an interesting excursion to the super market, where my credit card for international travel declined (Mind you, while I was in the self checkout line with the English woman shouting at me through the computer).  So you can imagine my excitement.  Thank goodness Alyssa (my roommate) saved the day.  Buuuut, on a positive note, I found the organic section of the grocery store, complete with almond milk and goji berries!  I accidentally bought overripe kiwis so I am going to be living on a diet of kiwi for the next few days.

I am finally getting to put to use the list of books I have wanted to read.  I just started, and then finished at the beach yesterday, The Fault in Our Stars .  I am about halfway through Plato’s Symposium.  And I just bought Unthink by Eric Wahl, which I am really looking forward to starting.  I missed reading and I am glad I have some time on my hands without sufficient Internet because there’s nothing like a good book.

We finally got our paperwork to get our good wifi, and cell phones in order, so once that is taken care of I will be officially settled.  And I can’t wait for that.  We are physical testing tomorrow morning and it’s running so tonight will be an early night for me. 

Just a quick post for tonight. Ciao!

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities” – The Fault in Our Stars

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