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After being back in the States, I realized how the baguette sandwiches for lunch and chocolate croissants for dinner (not really but kind of) were making me SO sluggish.  I got lazy with my previously-almost-paleo diet, and my body was feeling the consequences.  I choose convenience over healthy a lot more than I should have and it wasn’t til I was away from the bread and had access to a killer Nutri-bullet and my yoga classes again that I realized how much better I felt.

It is possible to eat clean in Europe!  It requires a little more creativity and time (but I have a lot of time during a normal week!).  We have access to better produce (less preservatives) here, yes, but less access to convenient healthy options for things like protein bars and prepped clean food, and pretty much everything at Whole Foods.  You have access to such awesome produce, even better if you have a local market.  And produce goes bad faster, so you HAVE to plan well.  But, with resources taken over by healthy foodies like Pinterest and Instagram, and personal blogs the options for meals are ENDLESS.  (I’ve even been making my own almond milk two times a week! – so yum!)

Some things are still hard or impossible to find (like kale and quinoa – at least in France) but if you get creative you can substitute and make it work.  Alyssa and I ordered a big shipment of stuff from this website, for things like chia seeds, almond butter, coconut oil and spirulina.  They sell things in bulk and ship all over Europe, for decent prices.  I’ve also been trying to incorporate things that are in season in my diet, right now that means pomegranates are on the way out and clementines, oranges and grapefruit are in.

 I have been spending my Tuesday mornings at the weekly market and stocking up for the week.  It also gives me an opportunity to really embrace the city I live in.  And it’s amazing what a difference it makes when you focusing on eating more fresh and less packaged food.  My body is happy I’m fueling it with real food!

A few of my past weeks ideas:

Medjool dates with almond butter and cacao powder!photo 1

photo 21/2 greek yogurt and 1/2 chocolate pudding (made with bananas and avocado and dates) and chia seeds and raspberries!

Attempted homemade roasted garlic hummus!  – a little chunkier than normal, but still yum!

Thanks to so much fun inspiration I’ve found, I have been having so much fun cooking and eating and thought it deserved it’s own quick post!

Also, on a volley note…We had a big win over Paris this past weekend, and had the quarter finals of the French Cup last night.  We had a chance to rematch Le Cannet, who we played a short 10 days ago and ended up upsetting them in 5! We we’re sooo stoked and are all looking forward to the draw for the final four teams!

Another big match on Saturday against Beziers, and another opportunity to seek revenge after a poor performance and loss to them in the first half of the season!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Living

  1. martha towns says:

    This is so great. I am pleased to say I have made chia pudding and I like it a lot but Gramps doesn’t. So I’ll just make it for myself. Pix make everything look good. I still think you have a book in you. How about Good Food for Athletes and Everyone else?
    We’re off to Florida in about 45 mins. Supposed to be warm there. Maybe we’ll both stop sniffling. So happy about your volleyball
    Big Hugs, Gramz.

  2. Betsy Towns says:

    Leslie Girl!! Awesome post! I am glad that you are aware of what nutrition makes your body work properly! Healthy eating is a life long habit to adopt!
    So happy for the win last night! Keep swinging!!

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