Happy Easter!

Hello all my little Easter bunnies 🙂

First off, a giant Happy Easter to all my friends and loved ones across the pond.  It’s always sad to have a holiday away from family.  I stayed busy today and rode with the younger team to Monaco.  It was only about a two and a half hour drive from Istres, and while they played, I explored with one of my few teammates that is left.


Our season finally ended on Wednesday evening with Cannes handing us another loss which allows them to continue on in the playoffs.  I’ve already had to say goodbye to Dana, my best friend on the team, and someone who I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this season without.  She headed back to Canada to begin training with her national team on Wednesday.  Goodbyes are always, always so hard.  But I am so thankful to have the friendship I do with her, and I know we will keep in touch and see each other again.

My roommate’s friend and former teammate who has been playing in Azerbaijan  flew in this past Monday, to spend the last few weeks with us traveling before we all head home in the middle of May.  Our coach gave us two weeks off before we start a little bit of light training in our last week in France, so we have been planning a big excursion.

I saw Alyssa and Arie off to Paris yesterday morning, and I am going to meet them in Amsterdam next weekend, and then we will finish up in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan, Italy together.  I can’t believe we got this much time off to travel and I can’t wait to get the trip started.

In the mean time, here’s a few photos from today.  Monaco is definitely at the top of all of the places I have seen so far, with a price tag to go along with the real estate that is not for the faint of heart, haha!

IMG_854090 square meter studio apartments are going for 1.5 million euros plus, and it seemed like everyone drove a Mercedes or Lambo and had a yacht.  And when I say yacht I mean YACHT.  Some of them rivaled cruise ships.  IMG_8546

The plus side of all the obvious money that this country has is that the city is WELL taken care.  I have never seen a city so clean in Europe and the underground walk ways to the train stations , and old village and down to the harbors were full of mirrors and made of marble.IMG_1290 The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is coming up at the end of May.  It’s a giant street race through the city.  They were setting up lots of stands and a bunch of fast cars sped through loudly while we were there.  It sounds like an awesome event.  The city already seemed to be charged with excitement.IMG_8548We spent the afternoon wandering, got some killer penne pasta with eggplant at an adorable corner street restaurant and finished off with giant ice-cream cones at the harbor in between the giant boats.  Such a fun day, even though we only had a few hours.IMG_8545 IMG_8550

I love you all and Happy Happy Easter.  Ps. Eat some peeps for me!

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. martha towns says:

    I’m only a tiny bit jealous that you and Lucy are getting to have such fab trips. All I have ever wanted to do is travel and I am so glad you are getting to do it while you’re young. Isn’t Monaco just really something? You have to have a half a million dollars in cash plus God only knows how much else, to even be considered by whoever it is who votes on new residents.
    I thought Monaco was just exquisite and loved the flowers growing out of the rocks. Did I ever tell you about my lifelong fascination with Princess Grace? I was thrilled to be there. She should still be alive.
    Can hardly wait to hear about the amazing adventure you’re embarking on next. You go, girl!
    We missed you yesterday. The Easter pig was a big hit. Tell the ladies in your favorite boulangerie that their big was greatly admired and eaten in Cleveland on Easter Sunday.
    Big hugs, Grams

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