Hello all my little Easter bunnies ūüôā

First off, a giant Happy Easter to all my friends and loved ones across the pond. ¬†It’s always sad to have a holiday away from family. ¬†I stayed busy today and rode with the younger team to Monaco. ¬†It was only about a two and a half hour drive from Istres, and while they played, I explored with one of my few teammates that is left.


Our season finally ended on Wednesday evening with Cannes handing us another loss which allows them to¬†continue on in the playoffs. ¬†I’ve already had to say goodbye to Dana, my best friend on the team, and someone who I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this season without. ¬†She headed back to Canada to begin training with her national team on Wednesday. ¬†Goodbyes are always, always so hard. ¬†But I am so thankful to have the friendship I do with her, and I know we will keep in touch and see each other again.

My roommate’s friend and former teammate who has been playing in Azerbaijan ¬†flew in this past Monday, to spend the last few weeks with us traveling before we all head home in the middle of May. ¬†Our coach gave us two weeks off before we start a little bit of light training in our last week in France, so we have been planning a big excursion.

I saw Alyssa and Arie off to Paris yesterday morning, and I am going to meet them in Amsterdam next weekend, and then we will finish up in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan, Italy together. ¬†I can’t believe we got this much time off to travel and I can’t wait to get the trip started.

In the mean time, here’s a few photos from today. ¬†Monaco is definitely at the top of all of the places I have seen so far, with a price tag to go along with the real estate that is not for the faint of heart, haha!

IMG_854090 square meter studio apartments are going for 1.5 million euros plus, and it seemed like everyone drove a Mercedes or Lambo and had a yacht.  And when I say yacht I mean YACHT.  Some of them rivaled cruise ships.  IMG_8546

The plus side of all the obvious money that this country has is that the city is WELL taken care. ¬†I have never seen a city so clean in Europe and the underground walk ways to the train stations , and old village and down to the harbors were full of mirrors and made of marble.IMG_1290¬†The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is coming up at the end of May. ¬†It’s a giant street race through the city. ¬†They were setting up lots of stands and a bunch of fast cars sped through loudly while we were there. ¬†It sounds like an awesome event. ¬†The city already seemed to be charged with excitement.IMG_8548We spent the afternoon wandering, got some killer penne pasta with eggplant at an adorable corner street restaurant and finished off with giant ice-cream cones at the harbor in between the giant boats. ¬†Such a fun day, even though we only had a few hours.IMG_8545 IMG_8550

I love you all and Happy Happy Easter.  Ps. Eat some peeps for me!