Fit Across Cultures Podcast

Hi all!  Hope everyone is having an awesome summer, and is as excited for the Fourth of July as I am.  I’m headed down to San Diego tomorrow morning for a weekend of beach, surfing, SUPing and fireworks.  We are also going to hike Potato Chip Rock!  Pictures to come!

Anywho, I interviewed with Fit Across Cultures while I was still in France to contribute my story via podcast, and it is officially live!  They are a really awesome avenue for coaches, athletes and organizations to learn more about overseas life and helpful tips on how to integrate interculturally.  My story is just one of many awesome podcasts!

Click this link to check it out here!

I hope you all enjoy it!


One thought on “Fit Across Cultures Podcast

  1. martha towns says:

    As you would say “it’s all good.” You may have a career that includes writing. Who knows? Hope you had a happy Independence Day (that’s what we are supposed to say instead of “the Fourth of July” because that’s just a date.

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