Dog Days

Happy November.  November means Thanksgiving and all of my best friends birthdays, and Mommy and Grandpa.  And I am already so thankful because even though I know it also means I will be missing Thanksgiving, it’s one month closer to coming home!

This week seemed to take forever to go by.  We are definitely in the dog days of the season, and everyone is worn out and having a hard time really feeling fresh.

Here are a few photos from the market last week:Image


Our team putting to the cafe instead of last Tuesday’s practice, and my perfect cappuchino:


Happy Brie cheese smiles from Cannes:


And this week’s homemade cauliflower and goat cheese (chèvre here) pizza crust and olive pizza YUM


I’m currently sitting on the couch surrounded by my English speaking teammates watching a post-game movie and winding down after another frustrating loss to Nantes, a team we should have swept.  We are all extremely frustrated and hoping to make some changes for the better within the coming weeks.  All we can do now is move ahead to next week, because we have a match on Tuesday and Saturday this week instead of the normal one match per week.  I’m going to keep this short because I’m tired and my typing fingers are distracting from the movie.

Happy weekend to everyone in the states and happy Sunday to all the Euro people 🙂

Here’s a little inspo to keep me and hopefully ya’ll trucking through the next week.



One thought on “Dog Days

  1. martha towns says:

    Wow, that’s a lot in one blog. Love the pix. Can hardly wait to see it all in person. Maybe you’ll cook for us? Any luck finding us a place to stay.
    Your Barcelona hotel has a higher rating than ours! Your mother just called to say that Jasmine has your ring. Yay!
    I hardly slept last night so I am turning in early. Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning raring to go. Fat chance
    A cheese smile back atcha.

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