Day 2.

Feeling grateful that day two has finally come to an end this afternoon.  I have been sitting in bed for the past hour eating kiwis and chocolate croissants and lounging after a long day.  We started with a track run at 8 am this morning.  After that a few of the new girls were supposed to take a trip to the bank, but due to some papers not being ready that will be put off til later in the week (that means more days with bad internet and iMessage).  I’m anxious to get wifi so I can start planning things, and making time to travel, but until then Istres will do 🙂


After our break we started into a four-hour practice.  I did not know how I was going to survive.  After the differences in yesterday’s workouts compared to what I am used to, my body is not too pleased with me today.  But I am holding up okay, and that is what preseason is for.  I’m thankful I brought a lot of US bars and snacks with me to help me recover until I can get into a good groove of planning lunches.  


It was fun to finally get to play a little bit and really go after it.  Learning and playing in a different language is coming along much more fluid than I expected.  The girls are all very competitive.  And although we don’t always know what each other is saying, it’s still so much fun.  I am trying to use French as much as possible, and it’s not bad!  We have a great setter which I am excited about, and I think I am going to be a huge force on this team in the front row.


I am so thankful to have my HyperIce gear with me, as the girls do not ice (in France at least).  But I found an ice chest and will make do.


Tomorrow, I have an early morning doctor’s appointment, and will miss a little bit of practice. But it is okay, my body will be thankful.  That’s all for now that I can think of. 

One thought on “Day 2.

  1. martha towns says:

    I’m sure you figured really getting back to practice would be a challenge but I know you are up to it and things will get easier for you. I’m so proud you are using your French. Don’t know about a steady diet of chocolate croissants though I’m sure you’ll work it off. You haven’t even been there a week yet and you have already done so much.
    Had lunch with a young man who is a paid intern with the Indians in statistical analysis. It’s what he has always wanted to do and hopes to be doing it in 10 years. I can’t even imagine how his mind works but we had a great conversation.
    Hugs, gramz

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