Crossainte chocolat, rope burns and handball

Today was definitely more of a day than what I had planned for myself.  But I loved every minute of it.  I met the team early this morning for a run on a gravel trail in a park a few km outside of Istres.

It was awesome to finally meet the people I am going to be spending so much time with in the coming months.  There are two girls originally from Bulgaria, a girl who played at Ohio State who is from Norway, and I believe the rest are French.  There are two more girls on the way from Canada and the US, one of which will be my roommate.  But it has been nice to get settled by myself.

I feel as though I am the best off, language wise amongst the girls not from France.  I understand a lot, except for when they talk very fast.  But I am going to participate in French class anyways, because it can’t hurt.

We warmed up with a jog, and completed a 30-minute sprint/job workout, all on these trails.  We then had lunch and completed two legs of this “tree-climbing” activity as they call it.  It was very much related to upper body strength and we were harnessed in and had to climb ropes and swing on trapezes and tight ropewalk.  Not anything I am used to.  I hope to be able to upload pictures of this in the coming days.  But I somehow managed to burn the whole inside of my leg swinging like Tarzan from a tree to a rope net.

I just enjoyed my first official chocolate croissant in France… and YUM.  I love that everything is so fresh.  I am making it a goal to try everything offered to me.  Today I also tried this sort of gingerbread made with honey, that the trainer offered us.  It is a dense cake that is popular among young children in France.

Tonight I am going to a handball game, which I am very excited about and do not really know what to expect.  It’s soon, which I am glad about because I am still tired.  It’s been a long day and tomorrow we are taking the train to the beach.  I am really looking forward to that.  The weather has been beautiful here.


Ps. my first experience with an electrical converter did not just go very well.  My hair dryer just died a slow and painful death.

One thought on “Crossainte chocolat, rope burns and handball

  1. martha towns says:

    This is so much fun. It’s almost as good as being there with you. Who knew you were such a good writer! I’m thrilled. Nothing like hitting the ground running! And rope burns are soooooo painful. So sorry about your hair dryer. Guess you will have to buy a French one. I never had any luck with any of my converters when I was abroad. Did Lucy give you the Miss Jessie hair stuff samples? I’d like to know if they work for you. Great idea to take the French classes. It will be so helpful. I’m proud that you are able to understand a lot.
    It’s a beautiful Saturday here and I am off to the market and Trader Joe’s. Oh, guess what? A man was here today and he is going to take Pearl away on Wednesday and bring her back the following Monday. We’ll be in Chautauqua so the timing is perfect. And he’s doing it for $400! And we had been quoted nearly 2000. Pearl is so excited she is tapping all four tires!
    A tout a l’heure (just imagine the correct accent marks.)

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