Connected to the world again!

My. Phone. Is… UP AND RUNNING! Finally!!! After two weeks of question and answer, in French and English, filling out numerous French forms and waiting for my SIM card to come in the mail, I officially have a French phone number! For those of you with iPhones, I can iMessage for free! (And for those of you without we can use whatsapp and I can call all US mobile for free as well. (iMessage or email me @, or Facebook or whatever for my new number.) But don’t worry I will have the same number when I get back to the states :). I must say it feels good to not have to sit on the window sill trying to get messages to send anymore!
Anyways, things are good on all fronts. We had a photographer come in and shoot some of our skills practice today and here are a few shots of me.




This evening we had a club-wide barbecue with all the staff, volunteers and team. We had a menu of rice and pasta dishes, salmon quiche, (which was to die for) grilled sausage, chicken and lots of bread. With a giant brie cheese, more bread and green grapes for dessert. And then brownie and this amazing lemon meringue pie for more dessert. The company was amazing even though I didn’t understand everything, but it was fun to get everyone together to celebrate the beginning of the season. I’m truly grateful to be where I am and am looking forward to where this season takes me as a player and a person. One more practice this week and we are done until Monday!





The above photos are of the makeshift dinner table outside the club offices, Brie and baguette, the amazing homeade lemon pie and of course the team photo!
More later of course, but that’s all I can manage before I fall asleep 🙂

2 thoughts on “Connected to the world again!

  1. martha towns says:

    Wow, this is a good one! Pix of you and real French food too. Am guessing the man next to you is coach with wife and baby. N’est pas? I must say reading your blog is almost as good as being there with you. I hear you and your sister have big plans for being in France over Christmas vacation. Tres bon!
    A bientot. Granmere

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