We took a team trip to Cannes last night to play the powerhouse RC Cannes who wins this league year after year.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the city as we drove there and back on Saturday.  They played a Champions League match at their arena this week, so the CEV court was put down, which is my favorite to play on.  It was really fun to play in a big arena again with an energetic atmosphere.  Besides our opening weekend, there was probably more fans at last night’s match than we have seen.


I was told prior to the match that I wasn’t going to be starting, because our coach wanted more options passing, but I ended up going in at the end of the first set and finishing out the match.  I finally felt like myself again last night, I think the restful week gave me a little more pep in my step, I felt like I got my jump and groove back a little bit.  I’m so thankful to have the support of my family, friends, and K2 fam at home.  We knew that Cannes was going to be a challenge but we went down in a pretty easy 3 sets.  It’s frustrating to end a match like that because we had so many unforced errors on our part and could not seem to get in a rhythm passing the entire match.


Even though we lost, I had a lot of fun.  The outsides I was matched up with were awesome to play against.  They are such talented volleyball players, it was awesome to step up to the challenge.  It is very rare that a hitter smaller than me can consistently hit off the top of my hands blocking and one of them did.  There are also a pair of Swedish twins on the team who are only 19 or 20 and the one that I was matched up against had this unreal line shot, even when I barely gave her any line to hit.  I got to talk to her after the game and she told me her sister and she forgave scholarships at Nebraska and Hawaii to sign with Cannes.  Crazy!

We drove home after the match last night because it was only two hours away and I spent the whole time talking with one of my teammates from Canada.  We both shared some frustrations but it was awesome to be able to talk to and get to know another one of my teammates.

I’m off today, and can’t wait to lay in bed all day, plan meals for the week and read and watch TV.  We have a normal week this week, and then next week, an extra game and lots of traveling.  I can’t believe it’s almost November! Bisous!

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  1. martha towns says:

    Wow! Imagine being in Cannes, even if you didn’t get to see much. The arena looks great. What kind of crowds are you getting? Do you read my comments? I have never checked the “Notify me” box but I will now to see if it works.
    Bisous to you too!

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