Bumps in the road

Well we ended up 3-2 this weekend in Belgium. After sweeping our pool, we were matched up against the top Belgian team and then either Poland who we had already beaten, or the top Chinese league champions. The morning of our semi final match I pulled my ab in practice, and was sort of hush hush about it so I could play against Belgium. We lost in 4, making lots of errors and no adjustments. Poland, who we had already played was up next. JP decided to sit me for the final game because 3/4th place wasn’t worth risking anything. I went to the doctor today and found out I’m going to be out at least for the rest of the week. For those of you that know me, I did this before and it is a real bear to deal with. I am obviously none too pleased about it, but I guess if this had to happen, preseason is a better time then when we start league play at the end of September. A little bump in the road but hopefully a few days off will get my body back to normal and I can be off and running again.

One thought on “Bumps in the road

  1. martha towns says:

    I didn’t know this had ever happened to you before. Too bad, but you are certainly right, better now than later. Do whatevet it takes to get that ab back in the game.
    It is supposed to hit 90 today and I am not loving it. Another article about Marseille in the Sunday Times. We are saving everything.
    Hugs, Gramz

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