I thought it would be fun to start a running bucket list of life; of things I want to do, and things I had on my list that I got the chance to cross off this season and in the future.  It’s going to be ever-changing, because I will always be adding to it.  And…hopefully always checking things off!

1. Ring in the New Year under the Eiffel Tower – CHECK


2.  Drive across the country – Summer 2014, Cleveland, Ohio to Hermosa Beach, California

3.  Learn to longboard

4.  South Africa

5. Greece

Round 1 

6. Byron Bay, Australia

7.  Coffee shops in Amsterdam – Spring 2014, after my first pro season

8. Oktoberfest

9. Istanbul, Turkey – However short my time in Turkey was… hopefully I will be back.

10. Thailand

11. Meditate in Bali

12. Grand Prix Street Race in Monaco

13. Eat, Pray, Love in Italy –

Part 1 – Venice

Part 2 – Florence

Part 3 – Rome

Part 4 – Milan

14.  Learn Italian

15. Israel

16. Hike Machu Picchu

17.  Corsica and Sardinia

18.  The Rainbow Room in Tuscany

19.  Sail in St. Tropez

20.  Swim in the Dead Sea

21.  Morocco

22. Palma, Spain

23.  Budapest

24.  Portugal

25.  Cape Town


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