Beauty in the details

We had the morning off today before our match this evening and the team went down to the center of Montpellier to sight see and shop. It is so different being in a big city with such history. But you can imagine I was in heaven weaving in and out of the tiny street alleys surrounded by gorgeous buildings and architectural detail contrasting against a crazy blue sky. I continue to be so enchanted every chance we have to travel. I have such an attraction to the tiny details and design, and I was surrounded with it today. I decided that I have to bring my Rebel camera with me to every city now. I left it this weekend, since we were only gone for a day but I am happy Montpellier is so close so I can come back and bring it. (The iPhone 5 takes pretty good photos for such a small camera. Here are a few shots of things that caught my eye the most in the city.












The baby pig was rescued and I wanted to take him home with me so bad !

3 thoughts on “Beauty in the details

  1. martha towns says:

    Oh, boy! I can hardly wait to get over there. Your pictures are really great. Did you take them with your phone? I always look for those little details too. They are so interesting. And getting up close and personal is so much better than the long distance shots that most people, including me, seem to take.
    Love that blue sky. It is suddenly chilly here which is so funny after the furious heat early this week.
    As soon as you give me the go ahead, I’m making those reservations.
    Hugs, Gramz

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