Back At It

I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I got back already.  Time has flown by, partly because of all the excitement happening over here lately.  Just a little over 24 afters after I took my sister to the airport some of my best friends from high school (who were on a Euro trip of their own) made a trip to see me and spend a day or two in Istres.  It was so awesome to have a touch of home, and we spent the whole night reminiscing over a few too many bottles of wine and so many laughs.

We’ve been training super heavy to get back in shape and prep for our first match of this half of the season.   I’ve found myself fueling my body with way more good stuff and getting back into the swing of eating clean.  In other great news, I finally found a yoga mat!  It’s actually a pilates mat which is even better because it is squishier on my sometimes-sore knees.  Perfect for a little extra in-room core stability and yoga.  We also finally got access to our local gym where we can get in a little extra cardio a few times a week.  So all of that combined has made my body feel great!  It’s been so fun to be back in the gym and be able to work to get better.  I’ve actually found myself enjoying defense! Haha who knew!

We played Le Cannet for the second time last night in Cannes, and came home last night with a frustrating 4-set loss.  I definitely think that if a few points, or few calls went the other way the outcome would have been different.  On the plus side we play them again next week in the French Cup, so we get a chance to prove ourselves and maybe make some adjustments to our game plan.

As we prep for Paris this week, I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes and attempting to finish On The Road by Jack Kerouac.  Until next week!

One thought on “Back At It

  1. Ed Towns says:

    Nice to get a Joie de Vivre. Maybe the second half of your second will trend –up! Uncle Peter said you looked good , but that something caused the team to fall apart.

    Sort of an amazing story about Lucy’s luggage

    We are going to Florida 1/30 for 10 days, but will be having another cold front coming in later this week.

    Not to long until we leave for London {3/13} and Istra [3/21].

    Lots of love Grandpa

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