After the storm comes the rainbow..

After a completely failed attempt at making homemade sweet potato gnocchi, I decided to sit down with a baby glass of red wine and light some incenseand write another blog post.  It’s been a few tough weeks for me, but today provided me with all of the reassurance I needed to remind myself why I am here.  It’s been a good week of practice for me and today we went on a (supposed to be quick) trip to the giant Haribo candy store in Marseille with our athletic trainer.  This quick visit turned into a visit of some of the historic Marseille and the giant well known church in the city,  Notre Dame de la Garde.  This church perches at one of the highest, if not the highest points in Marseille and overlooks the city.  Some of the most jaw-droopingly beautiful views I have ever seen.  And I realize that this is not the first time I have said that since I have been in the South of France, but I am surrounded with so much beauty.  Not only these views but a sky-on-fire sunset to rival those that I miss so much in California.  I wish these photos could do justice to what I saw today, but I will try anyway 🙂  It is so good to be able to get out of our little town every once in a while because there is so so much to see.  And God’s timing today could not have been more perfect.


IMG_0488 IMG_0497 IMG_0502 IMG_0510 IMG_0512 IMG_0513 IMG_0533 IMG_6963 IMG_0536 IMG_0538 IMG_0549 IMG_6965 IMG_0545 IMG_0543  IMG_0559 IMG_0566 IMG_0568 IMG_0572IMG_0571 IMG_0567

IMG_0492IMG_6968 IMG_0574 IMG_0587

One thought on “After the storm comes the rainbow..

  1. martha towns says:

    Wonderful pictures. Were gummy bears a bargain? You can show us around Marseille! Glad your talk with the coach went well and I’m looking forward to some good game reports.
    We’ve had snow on top of the leaves for a while. It’s finally melting which is good because there is raking to be done.
    Big hugs. Gramz

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