Adventures 1

We had a quick practice this morning.  After lunch we were supposed to drop by JP’s house to help him set up What’s App on his phone and go for a walk to the “centre” of Istres.  The walk turned into a sort of grand tour of the city in Gilberto’s car (one of the managers), which is still small, but much bigger than I thought. It was awesome to see everything downtown.  It is definitely close enough to walk and there is lots to see.  I didn’t bring my big camera with me but I can’t wait to go back down there to take pictures.  


(These two photos are of the market place in the center of town and of the “new church”).  When I have time to explore a little more I am going to go back to the Centre with my camera.  The market place surrounds a hill with a church on top (the old church).  It is overwhelmingly picturesque.  

There is much more water around the city than I originally thought.  When I first flew into France it seemed that there was so much water around, but I thought that Istres was more inland.  It is about 6 KM from the Mediterranean, but there are two huge lakes with beautiful views surrounding the city.  

I have discovered that this blog is better for then for uploading photos, so I am going to include a few more photos in another post or two due to my lacking wireless internet.


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