I am a Lady Volunteer (for life!) with an endless yearning to wander, see and explore this beautiful world.  I began this blog as a fresh out of college and invincible 22 year old, beginning her quest to explore the world of professional volleyball abroad.  I spent eight months between 2013-2014 in Southern France, playing my first pro season…and although a great experience, it was far from everything I expected it to be.  I came back to the States, exhausted and burned out, but ready for a second go-round.


In September of 2014, I set off on another adventure to play my second pro season in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Things fell apart relatively quickly, and I made the decision to come back to the States.  For 6 months, I regrouped and went back to my roots to spend some time with my family in my hometown, completely unsure of what was next.  I dove into yoga, worked at lululemon and completely removed myself from volleyball for a while. I love the  new and different physical challenges that yoga has brought into my life, as well as a renewed mental clarity that I am unbelievably grateful for.  I had no long term plan, and no real expectations from the sport I wasn’t sure how to live without.  IMG_0996

I had pretty much given up on continuing to play professionally, and volleyball had other plans.  I was invited to a tryout for the V-League in Korea in April of 2015.  I had less than one month of preparation after a 6 month plus hiatus from volleyball and lifting.


I went into the tryout with zero expectation, worked my booty off and got drafted to Korea Expressway HiPass in one of the top leagues in the world.  So until March, 2016 that is where I will be on my trek around the world!


I am a nomadic soul and I hope inspiration to those wild hearts out there.  I’m constantly on the hunt for inner calm, and try to be present and grateful for every day regardless of what may get thrown at me.  Maybe my words can encourage and even be the little push you need to convince yourself to make that jump into the unknown, and do something new and exciting, even if t is a little scary at first.

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3 thoughts on “C’est moi!

  1. Joshie says:

    I can’t wait to read more and more about your life in Greece. I swear one day we will be able to do the things that you have on your bucket list together. Or make our own. Just for us. I want to give you the world Leslie, but more importantly I want you to have me. Everything I am is yours and it always will be. I love you. Deeply. Madly. Forever.

  2. Jon says:

    Hi, Leslie

    I found out my favorite Korean team just drafted you, and am hoping to help you to adjust well and win in Korea (thus helping my team to win the championship). I can fill you in everything you need to make it successful in Korea. Hope to hear from you. 🙂

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