about me.

Hiii! I’m Leslie.  I am an eternal optimist and a forever student.  I practice gratitude and meditate most days, and I believe in the power of movement and mindfulness . I love love love helping others elevate and evolve through intentional movement.  More below!

who is leslie?

I’m an Ohio girl living in Denver with my pup. My path in athletics naturally led me into this wonderful world of wellness.  The more I dive in, the more I feel like I am where I am supposed to be.  My goal is to help people feel good and make being active more accessible for people of all ages. I believe in freedom, fresh air, authenticity + movement.  I love being outside with my barefeet on the earth or being on the road, going somewhere new.  I love finding space and (attempting) balance and I believe in always working to grow and better yourself as a human.



The world of volleyball jump started my fitness journey.  I competed for the University of Tennessee Volleyball team, and continued playing professionally overseas in France and South Korea.  After a serious back injury in my final season, I dove back into my yoga practice and was introduced to the Lagree Fitness method.  I began to approach how I worked out a little more gently and intuitively than I had previously as an athlete.

Completing my Lagree Certification and my 200RYT teacher training at The River Yoga completely changed the trajectory of my life and body.  Combining my new knowledge with previous experience, I found a renewed fire and sense of badassness that I had missed so much without volleyball. I have since completed continuing yoga education in deep stretch/meditation, yin yoga.  I’ve also completed my Lightyear Leadership (formerly Igolu) Level 1 Training in personal values, vision+goals and harnessing your personal power.

I teach because I love watching my students grow.  Movement is a major conduit for personal growth and internal awareness.  Every day, I am surrounded by people who use movement as a tool on the journey to better themselves in mind and body.  I love to push my students outside their physical comfort zone to step into their personal power.  I love waking up every day to coach.  The work ethic and motivation of the fitness community in Denver continues to inspire me.  It is an honor be alongside to help you tap into your strength and crush your goals!