A week in photos

Hi all. A week and a half of regular season left, and two matches to win before we find out our fate in playoffs. Beautiful weather in the South of France and lots to be grateful for.

1. Sunday night sushi dates
2. Weeklong Batman marathons
3. Finding sriracha at a grocery store in Northern France

4. Amazing fresh produce and fun recipe experiments

(Fresh vine tomatoes, mozz, and fresh basil from my new basil plant!)

(Creamy vegan macadamia nut and basil tomato bisque)
5. My first time ever cooking tofu! Success!

(With Asian spicy ginger lime sauce and broccoli)
6. This view, 20 minutes from my house

7. A post practice beach day in mid-March

8. The crazy fact that some planes don’t have a seat #13, because of the unlucky number. So weird!

9. These girls

10. My grandparents coming on Friday! And many exciting new adventures with them planned next week.

I love you all. Also, it’s official, that I will be returning to the states on May 12. Let the countdown begin !

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