Q+A with Leslie Cikra, Professional Volleyball Player + Eternal Optimist

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Be Your Own Muse

The best word that I can think of to describe this week’s featured muse, Leslie Cikra, is “presence.” And only a fraction of the truth behind that description can be attributed to her height, which is saying something considering that Leslie is a graceful, composed, and powerful six foot, four inches tall. When I say that Leslie has presence, what I really mean is that she lives in the present moment. She is continually optimistic, grateful, and excited about what is to come, even when the next step may still remain a daunting mystery. She makes a conscious effort to maximize her life opportunities and her own happiness – a priceless skill that all of us would benefit from. This positive lifestyle and outlook has taken her near and far (literally) and within the next month she will be headed off on her next big adventure to begin her third season of professional volleyball, this…

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One thought on “Q+A with Leslie Cikra, Professional Volleyball Player + Eternal Optimist

  1. martha towns says:

    Well. this is certainly interesting. Did you write the whole thing yourself or is someone else really asking the questions.
    You’ll always be the superstar in this family and I’m glad you appreciate all the support you get from all of us. We were just talking yesterday at Abby’s about when, if ever, all the grandchildren and rents would be together again. We guessed wedding or funeral but I hope it doesn’t take either of those events.
    Had a good talk with Cousin Bill in D.C. Sunday night. I suppose you know all about Sophia going to Wisconsin. Did you see her prom pix. She’s so lovely.
    Carry on Star Eyes.

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