My Response to Loss of the Lady Vol Name (aka A Letter To All Who Care About Women’s Athletics at TN)

Four Little Lady Vols

My name is Laura Lauter Smith. I am a former Lady Vol Soccer Player, a member of the Lady Vol Hall of Fame and most importantly the mother of 4 little girls. I’d like to share a few thoughts regarding the Lady Vol name being removed from all sports but basketball…

smith family

Tennessee is about tradition. It’s why I love Rocky Top, why I cry each time I see the generations of football players run through the T and it is why I became a Lady Vol. I could have played soccer at a number of different schools, but I wanted to be a Lady Vol. At that point, I had never attended a UT football game. It was the Lady Vol name I knew. The name had tradition. It meant something. It represented excellence. It represented a commitment to athletes, coaches and fans both on and off the field. It…

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