Hometown Glory

Hey ya’ll. I just wanted to play a little catch up. Things have been so crazy! I have some pending post I am finishing up so I could share some of the fabulous and fun times I have had over the past few weeks.

I am currently in Seattle, in the middle of a marathon of volleyball camps, with All American Volleyball. As I mentioned earlier, my mom and I drove out to LA about ten days ago from Ohio (roadtrip post to come soon!) It was so awesome to be home. I lucked out because the best weekend of the year in Chagrin Falls is Blossom Weekend, and I was home for it. Everybody has their home, and I am so happy to call Chagrin mine.  Blossom Time is the time of year when everyone comes back into town for high school reunions and to visit family and friends. It always falls on Memorial Day weekend. There is a carnival in town that runs from Thursday through Sunday, and then a huge parade on Sunday where girls are clad in sundresses and everyone parties and frolics all day on a main street in town. It is such a special time of year. This year was my five-year high school reunion, and on the same night my Mom celebrated her 35th! It was so fun to catch up with all the people from high school who made it back into town for the festivities.

IMG_9323 IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9347 IMG_9348 IMG_9363

It’s awesome to be a part of such a fun tradition. The atmosphere of the town is just electric during this time of the year. It’s one of those things, that’s hard to understand unless you grow up there. But there’s something so special about my perfect village. Being born and raised in Chagrin, I have probably only missed Blossom Time once or twice in my entire life, and I was so happy I was able to be home for this one.

IMG_9398 IMG_9400

Before I left Ohio and we headed on our road trip, I also got a chance to meet the newest member of the Cikra family, Liam Michael.  So happy to see another boy to carry on the Cikra name! 🙂


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