BITS and Pieces

Hey all!

I just wanted to write a quick post for a few things  I have been wanting to share with everyone lately.  I was super busy this past weekend and took full advantage of a 3 day weekend to spend some time in London couch surfing.  There is a post in progress about that, that I will put up soon!  Here’s a quick teaser selfie 🙂


The second thing is that during the next few weeks (and maybe even already) you will be noticing and a facelift for Joie de Vivre.  The first big news is that I have a new official domain name  This is very exciting for me.  You can still use the original domain, it will just reroute you to the updated site!  I have been doing a lot of experimenting with all this blogging, but I can assure you it’s the same old me!

Now on to the good stuff.  The real reason for this post is in the title, BITS!

As many of you may have already seen via Facebook and twitter, I am super stoked to announce joining the ENERGYbits family!  I have teamed up with this awesome company and am now an official Brand Ambassador.


I know you are all wondering what are ENERGYbits?!  They are concentrated “tabs” of compacted spirulina algae.  They are 100% organic, and GMO free, and an excellent source of energy.  Spirulina has been around for a veryyy long time, but lots of recent research is bringing it to the forefront of superfoods! It is a killer protein packed and nutrient dense superfood that is an awesome source for natural, raw energy.

Band Ambassador badge_energy _small_web_transparent[2]

I never was a big supplement taker, mid-game/practice bar or chews eater, or even protein shake drinker.  It was weird to me that people needed that stuff to get by.  I didn’t really understand the importance of it until I got to college. It took being out of my mandatory day-to-day collegiate workouts and learning to be aware and listen to my body to realize what I needed. As my post college career continued with crossfit and I spent time training with the USA team I realized even more how important fueling was for my body.  Easing into my first pro-season and having a two-a-day almost every day, I could not afford to go without fuel during practices.  And although eating a salad or having eggs or chicken is ideal, it is not always practical.

I feel like everyone these days, athletes specifically, have come across their own miracle product that they stand by. Not that I was feeling left out by any means, but I had not stumbled across anything that I felt made a difference enough to represent that particular brand. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying different supplements, recovery products, energy and protein bars, chews and powders. Nothing has ever made me feel dramatically better in my performance or recovery.  Then I heard about ENERGYbits through a fellow Lady Vol, and decided to give them a try.


I will not turn back to all those unnecessary supplements, and alternative sources of fuel, that had ingredients I’ve never heard of.  I never really knew what I was putting in my body.  ENERGYbits provide me an all-natural, 100% organic product to fuel my day-to-day practices and competitions, and I love that I know exactly what I am putting in my body!

I have been looking forward to joining #teambits for a while, and I am glad to say I am finally part of the family, and am definitely in good company!  Feel free to contact me for more info, or if you would be interested in trying them, use my coupon code!


Questions or comments? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a reply here!

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