The Home Stretch

Hi everyone! Time to play catch up on the last two weeks!

The Winter Olympics have come and gone, my Canadian teammate Dana was obviously pretty stoked that Canada beat USA in men’s and women’s hockey.  (This is how we watched and celebrated, so we could have English commentators – Thanks to a basketball player friend in France)


I have been cooking a ton, but haven’t been photographing a ton.


Ombre-d green onions and spaghetti squash with roasted garlic butter and spinach.  Nom nom.

Everyone is a little beat up, come this time in the season, and rolling out and staying on top of rehab has been super important to make it to the finish line.  Since the big Cannes match, we have been on a disappointing streak of losses.  We only have 3 matches left in the regular season and we have to finish out the season with 3 wins to make it to playoffs.  So hopefully we can take care of business in the coming weeks.


(One current photo and another one from before December I just found!)


(Cupping round 2- yikes!)

I am currently reading two books.  I have been putting off one, given to me weeks ago by a teammate of mine here.  And I am so glad I choose to start it at the time that I did.

We are at the part of the season where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and there are so many unsure-ities about what happens next.  Exact dates home, summer plans, what is next on the plate volleyball-wise are all up in the air…Things are winding down and we can all feel it.  Last Monday instead of practice we went on a long hike near one of our surrounding lakes.


(Nice view, eh?.. I can’t seem to get enough of the provencal blue skies)


(And the fiery French sunrise I accidentally woke up for)

Anyways, back to the books.  This book, One Thousand Gifts  has reawakened my sense of gratefulness.  It has been such a perfect reminder to find beauty in the little things around me.

On our way back from Evreux yesterday morning, and a much needed 3-0 victory this weekend we drove through the streets of Paris to the train station.  Windows down, sun on my face, I was happy to just soak up all the beauty of life around me.  Not to mention the extreme luxury of being able to get Starbucks two times in one weekend.  Image

We just have a workout today, and then are going to spend the day at the beach, which I am BEYOND excited about.

Ps. Do any of my fellow bloggers use CoPromote or for sharing? I am interested in hearing thoughts.  I’m looking to spruce up my blog and would love to hear of helpful sites and tips!

Also, what are you grateful for today?

Lots of love. Ciao


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