Joie de Vivre

Well, this is it. My first blog post (hopefully of many). My flight to Marseilles, France is finally booked and 5 days away. And I’m off to start my first season as a professional volley player in a small town called Istres. I hope to use this as an outlet for family, friends and whatever strangers may come across it, to share my experiences with me. I’m not promising daily posts or perfect grammar. But I do promise there will be more pictures than words and I will do my best to update regularly. The title of the blog Joie de Vivre literally means joy of life, or living. I found it just perfectly appropriate to describe the exhilaration and love of life I have been experiencing these past few months and what I hope to continue. I am so grateful that I am healthy and have the opportunity to continue my volleyball career and travel the world at the same time. I hope you all enjoy.

“Not all those who wander are lost” – JRR Tolkien

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