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Hey y’all!  I just hit my one month mark here in SK already! So hard to believe four weeks have gone by.  I snuck back to the States for a beautiful wedding in the middle of the month and as soon as I got back we headed to Sokchu for a little team bonding trip.  No rest for the weary that’s for sure!  It’s taken me a few weeks to get over the jet lag of three overseas trips in two weeks, but I would do it over again in a second.


We have our girlies back from Team Korea, finishing top 8 at Rio, and everything seems to be falling into place.  The vibe in the gym has been SO fun so far, and it really is awesome to see the work we are putting in paying off.  I got up to Seoul last weekend to spend time with a couple of the other foreign players and some of our favorite spots in Itaewon.  I’m still loving the Korean food, and it’s safe to say the Gong Cha and Nangmyeon obsession has returned.


I’ve been experimenting with the new instagram stories to show off all my yummy noodles (@cikwithit)….Nommmm



Last weekend we had an awesome time at our annual Fan Day and we just finished up with the last of our power lifting workouts, just in time to prep for the KOVO Cup.  It’s an in-league tourney which is usually played in July with domestic players only, and got moved to September this year due to the Olympics (Shout out to the USA ladies on medaling BTW!) Once the Cup finishes we’ll be only a few weeks away from season which starts for us on October 15 at home vs. IBK!


Below I have attached the schedule for our season, and the link to the league website!  If you plug it in to google translate or use Chrome, it will automatically translate the whole site into English for you.  There’s tons of post game links and video that will be uploaded immediately following matches, and if you want to watch live (in the middle of the night in the States, bless your heart <3 ), I will try to get some links for that up on here as well after my fam’s trial and error finding the links outside of Korea.

The games are set up exactly like last year so we play 6 rounds of matches and play each of the other five teams once per round.  Top 3 finishers advance to the playoffs, and the first ranked team gets a buy into the finals.  All game times are in Korean time which for a 4pm game equates to 12am pacific, 1 am mountain time, and 3 am eastern!

League website:

Round 1:

  1. 10/15 – VS. IBK – 4PM
  2. 10/23 – VS. PINK SPIDERS – 4PM
  3. 10/27 – AT GS – 5PM
  4. 11/1 – VS. KGC – 5PM
  5. 11/5 – AT HYUNDAI – 5PM

Round 2:

  1. 11/10 – VS. HYUNDAI – 5PM
  2. 11/15 – AT IBK – 5PM
  3. 11/23 -VS. GS – 5 PM
  4. 11/26 -AT KGC – 4 PM
  5. 11/29 – AT PINK SPIDERS – 5PM

Round 3:

  1. 12/3 VS. HYUNDAI – 4PM
  2. 12/7 AT PINK SPIDERS – 5PM
  3. 12/11 AT IBK – 4PM
  4. 12/20 VS. GS – 5PM
  5. 12/25 VS. KGC – 4PM

Round 4:

  1. 12/29 AT GS – 5PM
  2. 1/5 AT KGC – 5PM
  3. 1/10 AT HYUNDAI – 5PM
  4. 1/13 VS. IBK – 5PM
  5. 1/20 VS PINK SPIDERS – 5PM


Round 5:

  1. 1/30 VS. IBK 4PM
  2. 2/3 AT HYNUDAI – 5PM
  3. 2/5 AT PINK SPIDERS – 4PM
  4. 2/12 VS. GS – 4PM
  5. 2/15 VS. KGC – 5PM

Round 6:

  1. 2/18 AT KGC – 4PM
  2. 2/23 VS. HYUNDAI – 5PM
  3. 3/1 AT IBK – 4PM
  4. 3/5 AT GS – 4PM
  5. 3/14 VS. PINK SPIDERS – 5 PM

Playoffs: March 18, 20, 22 – Best of three matches

Championships: March 24, 26, 28, 30, April 1 – Best of 5 matches

Weeeeeee see everybody in Gimcheon! XO 시크라

One thought on “Back in the Swing of Things

  1. martha towns says:

    Sounds as if you are off to the races! Another October, another year of volleyball. Who knew we’d still all be involved with volleyball after all these years. I am actually sitting here at 4 in the afternoon watching the U.S. Open. I like Andy Murray and he seems to be struggling at the moment. Some amazing shots. I had a massage last Friday which made an amazing difference in how my legs feel. Looking forward to another one.
    Big hugs, Gramz

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