I had lots of feelings of gratefulness on my walk to the centre early this morning for a doctors appointment. It’s a beautiful chilly morning in France and think it’s always good to get some time away from the people you see every day. Not that I don’t love them all! But I’m also thankful for the change in season that we can all feel coming. Sweater and lulu and scarf weather is my favorite.
Last night we had our first social evening as a team, where we get together (coaches and athletic trainer and all) for an evening of food, laughing and communicating problems we may have with the team or what we are happy with.
Yuliya and Nora hosted last night. So they are in charge of choosing a theme and preparing the main course and anything else they may like from their Bulgarian culture. The theme was “kitch” which basically means crazy dressing and lots of colors. They prepared a dish that was a traditional Bulgarian staple. I forget the name of it and probably wouldn’t be able to say it anyway because I still haven’t gotten the hang of the “TS” sound and rolling “Rs” of Bulgarian. The dish was a flaky pastry, almost like a drier, more crusty quiche with less egg and cheese. It was very simple but yum! Everyone else then brings a dish to share.
I hope everyone will post pictures that I can add to my blog.
Also, we finally got our wifi hooked up, so I finally feel a little more settled. Friends and fam: Skype and FaceTime away!!
This weekend we head to Montpellier for another friendly match. I hope I will still be able to travel because it is only an hour and a half drive. But we will see. My doctor this morning was so helpful and animated. It’s amazing how much I appreciate those who are willing to help me understand and speak in English and French. (But I did manage to squeak out a full convo with the receptionist! Yay :))
Also, I finished my second book! The next one on my list, Boys of the Dark by Robin Gaby Fisher. I love that I am able to knock books off my list!
Off to the Boulangerie for a quick croissant before rehab!